Valid reasons for backdating job seekers allowance

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The main regulatory provisions with regard to claims are Legislation contained in Chapter 1 of Part 7 of the Social Welfare (Consolidated Claims, Payments and Control) Regulations (S. Previously - SI 55 of 1998, SI 159 of 2000 and SI 160 of 2000.Note: See also references to claims and late claims within separate guidelines dealing with the individual schemes.NIHE continues to have responsibility for receiving and adjudicating on fresh claims and for deciding issues in the first instance.However, anyone seeking to challenge a decision made by NIHE has the right of appeal to an independent appeal tribunal and ultimately to the Social Security Commissioner.In the case of certificates required for the purpose of obtaining Supplementary Welfare Allowance, no fee is payable.Where certificates have been obtained for a reduced fee, they are retained by the Department of Social Protection.The amount of Council tax support/housing benefit you may receive depends on who lives with you, the amount of money you have coming in, other benefits you receive and any savings you have.To make a claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support you should use the online application form.

Read the instructions the rules on backdating benefit below.We can backdate HB or CTS if you can prove that there is good cause or reason(s) why you were unable to apply for your benefit earlier.If you disagree with the date your claim starts from for any other reason you can appeal against the decision.The format in which a claim to benefit can be made depends on the actual benefit being claimed.For example, a claim for Income Support and Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) must always be made on the appropriate form, while a claim to Pension Credit (PC) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) can be made by telephone.

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