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Posted by / 19-Nov-2016 15:19

With Microsoft focused on Windows 8, it's no surprise that Internet Explorer 10, the company's latest Web browser version, made its way into that operating system first.

Although you'll be able to treat it as just another version of Windows Server if you want – with a range of improvements in security, virtualisation, networking and storage, suitable for sharing files and running applications like Exchange and SQL Server for businesses small and large – it's also designed to be a very different platform for a new style of applications.

The first is a Windows Server container – that's the Windows Server equivalent of a Linux container and it's something you can manage with the Docker management engine that's built into Windows Server 2016, or with Microsoft's own container management APIs.

Microsoft is already supporting Kubernetes and Mesopshere for orchestrating containers on Azure and it's likely those will be supported on Windows Server as well.

I go into the guide in MC and there is no guide info on the screen, just "No Data Available" messages on all the channels.

A prompt says the guide data is only current for another 3 days and do I want to download the latest update.

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Then there's a Hyper-V container – that has more security and isolation, and Azure will use them for running the multitenant services that execute code customers have uploaded.