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Did you know you can now download and update your Lexus multimedia system yourself?

Easily accessible from the Lexus Drivers site, Lexus owners can select their model and multimedia system from a drop-down menu then follow the instructions on how to update their Lexus multimedia system without having to make a trip to the dealership.

New 2016 Gen 4 Toyota Lexus Navigation Map GPS Update DVD Version 15.1 U30. I first upgraded to the Gen 5 U34 9.1 DVD map disc, then on to the Gen.

Toyota Lexus Scion Gen 5 Navigation Latest 2016 Map Update DVD U40 . Toyota Lexus Navigation map Disc Australia & NZ V23 2017, GPS SAT NAV UPDATES. In addition to precise routes, these clear, rich maps feature many POIs: golf courses, theatres, hotels, car lots and much more making this latest edition of Peugeot.

Ash After purchasing a new and updated disk from Lexus you will need to get your tool kit from the trunk, open it and look for two long skinny metal studs. Andy Nope that is old - Newest one is Gen 5 11.1 Gen 5 means disc based, as the Gen 6 is HDD (Hard Drive) for the newer IS F's (thumb drive loaded).

Hi, I am not sure if this fits in this topic properly, but does anyone have any advice on how to get the DVD navigation system for 08 ISF updated. Ofcourse I can go and pay the dealer to do the upgrade, but is there an easier way to DIY.

For the moment, we are not talking about a recall campaign, but the situation could lead to this, as the automaker might have to ask owners to visit service units to fix the problem. However, the same association specialized in these kinds of ratings and statistics also shows that the most frequent customer complaints come from problems with infotainment systems, in-vehicle communication, and navigation units.

According to the Toyota spokesperson contacted by Automotive News, Cindy Knight, the issue is “” as customers from several US states have reported it.

Lexus spokesperson Moe Durand stated that they believed the problem is caused by an over-the-air update from a “” These updates are commonplace for modern vehicles, and are usually done at the dealership.

However, some automakers have implemented over-the-air updates.

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Unfortunately, issues like these can arise, but the method is apparently not at fault.