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However, none of the watches have GPS accuracy that is good enough to be used for displaying your current pace.

As a result, I've added the test results for various Footpods as they can be far more accurate than GPS, but more importantly they tend to have far less moment-to-moment variation so they can give a far better display of your current pace.

(Note that my accuracy tests focus on the ability to measure distance, not the moment in time position, though the two are obviously related.) The values used are simply 10 minus the value for trueness (average) and precision (standard deviation from true).

The overall is the combination of trueness and precision.

Garmin is a company that produces consumer, professional aviation, and marine devices that make use of the Global Positioning System for navigational assistance.

Devices such as hand-held GPS units, in-vehicle units are common.

I evaluated the real-world accuracy of GPS watches while running over 12,000 miles/19,000Km and recording over 50,000 data points as part of my evaluation of the Best Running Watches.

Important: Manufacturers do not typically release the type of GPS chipset used, so the information in this table is based the best available data, but it should be treated with caution.You can use this map in conjunction with other maps, such as topo maps, you may have on your GPS unit already.PC Version The map version date is displayed on the initial installation screen.Before proceeding, please back up your waypoints and route data.You may back up the data by copying the GPX files in the Garmin disk to your computer.

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The following is list of current and discontinued products Garmin's first in-car product series in their GPS products. The first Garmin Street Pilot was introduced at CES 1998.

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