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A study of over 150,000 children and young people across 30 countries over a 21-year period has found young cyberbullies 20% more likely to attempt suicide.

Concerns are growing for a new app called Sarahah which allows users to post abusive messages about people anonymously.

Women especially feel “left nowhere” when they become victims of cyber stalking or harassment.

We are to here to hear your problems and provide counselling and guidance. You need not spend anything, but just the time to mail us; you need not get to see wired, inquisitive faces anxious to hear your “private story” and then the “insult” of being told “it is not a “crime” hence we cannot handle it”.

(aka Craigs Blue, a specialized search engine and Internet-based service which tracks, analyzes and displays pricing and other transaction data for popular consumer products frequently traded online.

Co-founder and has previously served as chief technology officer of G20 Intel, Inc., your daily scan of the new global economy from a market-liberal, internationalist perspective.

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If you are a cyber victim don't hesitate to contact us.India has a developing cyber law (the current IT Act is not a full fledged law on cyber crimes).Many may not know the exact implications and usages of the cyber law to Internet crimes targeting individuals.A degree will only take you so far up the job ladder.At some point in your career, an IT security certification from a reputable third-party organization may be necessary (e.g.

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Our very own Diversity Ambassador Normani Kordei is the worthy winner of the much coveted Cybersmiler of the Month Award for July!

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