Symantec client 10 2 not updating dating agency for for ladies

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Symantec client 10 2 not updating

Based on some of the other posts I have SEP packaged and included the "sylink.xml" file based on if they are labs or workstations to auto join our SEP 12 management server.I have some questions though on what others are doing for updates and scanning as well as my package.At present, we don't have either of these in place and are still just using the SEPM server to generate installation packages for Win32, Win64 and Mac OS X for early testing. We were told that only three LUAS machines were needed for nearly 20,000 Macs, and that's only if pointing them all directly to Symantec for updates seems to generate too much traffic.It took me a little while to figure the whole process out, but I was able to create a silent install by putting the additional resources folder and the Symantec Endpoint installer in an embedded folder like private\tmp\sep12.12.To deploy I created a Policy with the package SEP12.1.2and the script Symantec Managed with priority ' After'.I'm keeping tabs on a remote sever that is running Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Server a month ago, the Virus Definition File version date stopped updating and hasn't updated since - 3/26/2012 rev. The automatic update has continued to run everyday, downloading the latest definitions, but not updating the version date in the client. Sometimes it downloads an update successfully and other times it says the virus definitions are up to date.

This includes all Security Content updates - including Antivirus definitions, Proactive Threat Protection (PTS) Truscan definitions, and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) definitions.There are a lot of moving parts to admin work, so here is a list of Symantec’s guides to content revision configuration, server certificate updates, GPO, testing authentication, central deployment, Live Update, and clients with both SEP and Data Loss Prevention: If your users do not use a VPN, you should change the Live Update policy setting to use the default Symantec Live Update server – this allows remote clients to update any time they connect to the Internet.Also, tune the scheduling frequency down to one hour.Configuring Symantec Enterprise Protection to update with Deep Freeze Symantec Enterprise Protection supports the use of a command line function that can be used to trigger antivirus updates when the workstations enter into maintenance mode. Configure your Deep Freeze install package as per your normal requirements, including passwords and other settings that may be required. To configure Deep Freeze to trigger Symantec Enterprise Protection to update when maintenance mode starts follow the process below: Deep Freeze 7.5 or Higher 1.

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