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Samoan dating customs

Title: An Account of Samoan History up to 1918 Author: Te'o Tuvale Part of: Tidal Pools: Digitized Texts from Oceania for Samoan and Pacific Studies License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand Licence Share: It is customary in Samoan marriages for the family of the the bride to supply fine mats, mats and tapa cloths for the family of the bridegroom.

The family of the bridegroom supply food and money for the family of the bride.

The most remote parts are two atolls, Swain's Island and Rose Island.

The main islands are of volcanic origin, with low coastal areas, fringe reefs, and sand beaches where most villages are located.

Back in 1999, I was drinking kava and I saw a beautiful woman come into the market and I asked people for her name and some woman told me it was Nora.

I can see two girls but I can’t see Nora in this room and I am wondering if I am in the right family.

I'm a samoan with great affection and a passion for love to the right girl, to hold, and to be loyal to, but...i attract people whom take love for granted! I learned some of the language, and when I dressed like one, only a Samoan could tell that I was not. u can find alot on myspace, facebook and do online dating since you are located on the eastside/south part of the US.

I live in NJ now, and I happen to know almost every Samoan on the East i see that your post was like 2 yrs ago, but i will go ahead and reply b/c i am samoan. Go to Cali, Seattle, Utah, Alaska and Hawai'i they are all located there. samoan men love black women wether they are mixed, full, etc. u can find alot on myspace, facebook and do online dating since you are located on the eastside/south part of the US.

If so the Orators will say “O chief, throw this old women away, she has lived with you for a long time and she has nothing more to give you (if his present wifes marriage dowry has all been received by him.) Send her back to her family and find a way to render null and void your marriage with her, you have had children by her- let us go to the Taupo who has many riches - let us get some fine mats for the Orators.” What the Orators wish will be brought about irrespective of whether the chief is an old man who should not marry a young girl or not. The whole village, chiefs and common people go on this visit and they take many pigs with them to provide a feast for the village of the Taupo and their own people.

These pigs or other food are termed “Tauga” (food presents of a marriage proposal given to the lady.) The orators of the party and also the chiefs talk to the Taupo andexplain the reason of their visit.

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I CAN’T pinpoint exactly when, but at some stage in the conversation, Chris Solomona gets straight to the point. More so, the fact it’s the only part of his body from his middle back to his knees that is not covered in tribal tattoos, thus ensuring I spend the rest of our meeting trying to peek under his lava lava for confirmation. If you marry outside your race you will get a slap on the back. “There is quite a process that a man has to go through in order to get a date.

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