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And should you not react, they will draw a conclusion, that you don’t care about your customers and your PR.If you’re wondering what to start with, here’s the main advice: make sure that there is one person responsible for handling comments on social media sites.customer taming, you may think: OK, I’ve seen a post about dealing with customer complaints, but there was nothing about dealing with complaints via social media!That’s because dealing with negative comments on social media is different than dealing with “regular” complaints, received by phone, chat or email.Social media is all about a quick reaction and swift response.People present on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram literally live there and are able to post in the morning, during breakfast, after dinner or in the middle of the night.Who wants to be bothered with long waits and tricky menus.These all keep the process simple, which will make you a happy caller.

You’ll get some seriously awesome interactions with all of these lines; 3.) EASY!

For many years, life was about trial and error and I If you feel the need to vent because things are not going your way, your ex is making you crazy, you are constantly looking for the how and why answers, you eagerly want to move forward but keep getting sticks in your wheels or anything else, I am here.

As a neutral party, I will go through the pros and cons of your moves and will guide you the appropriate professional help.

But before we get to dealing with rude customers, let’s talk about one sentence that you probably hear all the time.

During my extremely short customer service career, I’ve managed to meet all kinds of rude customers.

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