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Liquidating distribution capital gain

citizen with dividend income from sources outside the United States (foreign-source income), you must report that income on your tax return unless it is exempt by U. This chapter also explains how to report dividend income on your tax return. This is true whether you reside inside or outside the United States and whether or not you receive a Form 1099 from the foreign payer. were distributed among its three shareholders in such manner as to make the totality of its distributions pro rata. , except that 100% of Whiteacre was distributed to C and the remaining assets of X Co.

Liquidating distributions might generate capital gains, ordinary income, a loss or no effect at all.

At the time of X Co.'s liquidation, the fair market value of Whiteacre was ,000, and X Co. On the liquidating distribution of Whiteacre, X Co. Since Whiteacre was not disqualified property and since Whiteacre was distributed pro rata among X Co.'s three shareholders, the limitations of 336(d) on a liquidating corporation's recognition of loss do not apply.

distributed a 60% interest in Whiteacre to A, a 20% interest in Whiteacre to B, and a 20% interest in Whiteacre to C. also were distributed pro rata among X Co.'s shareholders.

Each partner has a tax basis in the partnership, determined by the amount of after-tax value he’s contributed to the partnership.

When the partnership liquidates, the partner can recover his entire basis tax-free.

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