Is ray j dating connie deveaux

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Is ray j dating connie deveaux

It doesn't appear that the two are in a relationship, but they probably keep in touch. For now we're guessing he's having fun playing the field, and is enjoying the single life -- and finding women to date on reality TV.

This singer has way to many women on his hands to settle down, right!?

Jill Baker wrote on Twitter: “Just when I though April the Giraffe was truly in about, she laid down.”Another user said: "Forget Brexit.

It was an unusual and very special, validating experience for me.” In addition to being a more adult show than the network is used to airing, is also far more serialized than any of its current offerings.

It is rumored that it was a sex tape with kim that got her started on the rad to fame. Khloe Kardashian Is Done With Lamar Odom: Will He Survive Without Drug Rehab?VH1 aired the much awaited season finale of the reality show called “For the Love of Ray J 2”.The celeb-reality dating show was in its second season and follows R&B singer Ray J’s search for his one true love out of a number of ladies.More than 1 million viewers watched live as the baby's feet emerged from April's behind.The soon-to-be mom paced to and fro in her pen and occasionally licked the emerging calf while Oliver, the baby's father, surveyed the scene from the pen next door.

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I hate feeling like I failed and let’s be real no woman likes to quit a relationship so I tried to stick it out.