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I was riding in a car that was being driven by a female driver. We did not know nor had we ever seen the person driving this truck. She always complains that she doesn't make enough money and can't figure out why her work won't give her a raise. I do believe all children suffer from victimistis virus....1.

She said "He only pulled out like that because he knew I was driving."2. We did not know any of the workers and they did not know us. He said "Thanks to them people I can't pay my rent."4. My oldest daughter was going to go to a concert which featured several of her favorite artists.

No, I am not describing a child I am describing a person infected with the Victimitis Virus. Victimitis Virus people are highly reactive and never proactive.

They feel as though the world is out to get them and nothing you say or do can get them to change their minds. Having said that and completely understanding that this is no laughing matter, I have compiled a list of things said by people with this virus.1.

We eliminated some Powerpoint-driven segments that were only partially ready, and edited the videos to make them as short as possible.Do you know someone who feels as though they are owed something simply for being here?Do they often blame others, get angry easily, whine and never take responsibility for their actions?When it comes to local dating in Houston, singles find countless ways to explore and enjoy the city.Whether you prefer biking the winding paths alongside the Buffalo Bayou, kicking up your boots at the local honky-tonk, or dipping into the historical delights of the museum district, online dating in Houston will help you find the perfect person to share the adventures of a lifetime.

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