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Enema chat

Once your enema bag has the correct amount of solution. The best way to insert the Rectal tube is to insert the tube two or three inches and begin a flow of the enema to create a channel, then insert in stages, gradually. Just remember that it's not necessarily how deep the colon tube is inserted but, rather, how far the enema solution reaches into the colon that really counts.Suspend the enema bag at a height that will ensure a comfortable flow of solution. Lie down on your left side in a comfortable spot and insert the colon tube. This takes time, relaxation and listening to one's own body, to accomplish. Do enemas help to strengthen peristalsis in the colon? For the first enema, how much coconut oil soap do I use per quart of water?

Slide the shut-off clamp about 8" onto the other end of the hose.

Why do you recommend using OHN Colon Cleanse Essential Oil Blend in the second enema in the series?

How long do I hold the first 2 enemas in the series?

How the colon tube is inserted varies between individuals. Slowly take the water from the enema over 5-15 minute period. Once you have taken the entire amount of solution and have retained it for the period of time desired, you can move to the toilet and let your colon cleanse itself.

Many people are finding that if they inject a few ounces of oil ( 2 to 4 ozs.) into the rectum before they start to insert the colon tube usually have less trouble with the tube insertion.

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I learned how to do the coffee enema the right way after I purchased my equipment from your website in 2008.

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