Dubaigirl norman reedus and jarah mariano dating

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Pop it on before bed; it's non-streaky and doesn't stain sheets - the dream.

Breanna currently has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and gets an average 60,000 new followers everyday dwarfing those of Pixie Rose Curtis, the redheaded Australian three-year-old who was dubbed the Princess of Instagram with 90,000 followers.Born to a South Korean father and a Filipina mother, Breanna now lives in Dubai.Her tryst with fame started when her mother posted her pictures on Facebook and strangers requested her to start a Breanna fan page and she obliged a year ago.At Popular Chips, we commit on scouting Instagram talents and create original collaborations between the brand and the ad hoc digital influencer or celebrity.Get in touch today to see how your brand can benefit from Instagram exposure.


The little girl speaks four languages - English, Korean, Tagalog and Arabic.