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Dropdownlist selected value not updating

Unfortunately the property that drives the list is actually being modified in a different component and is being passed through a few components via data binding.this workaround doesn't work for me :/ my example is slightly different in that I'm changing the entire items array : I have one problem and that is, if I pick another value on the dropdown list it does not update either cookie or dropdown list. This is the dropdown list created in the gridview pager template: When I step through the code of the Selected Index Changed method, I can see that ddl Page Size. It seems that when it goes to read the cookie it finds two copies of Page Size and I can also see that inside the Cookies folder a new one is created each time. Selected Value always contains the value from the cookie, 50, even though I select another value. Find Control("ddl Page Size") as Drop Down List; bool is DDLPosting Back = Request["__EVENTTARGET"] == ddl Page Size. If you are trying to set the value on page load, I am almost 100% sure VS will kick an error. Selected Value = Nothing Else Add Problem Ticket Created By. Is your Data Value field properly bound to the datasource? If so, set the selected value AFTER Dropdownlist X.databound happens. When you're databinding in Page_Load, you're essentially also resetting the selecteditem. The page_load event fires, then you're Selected Index Changed event fires, and THEN you redirect to the next page.

This all works for the first two steps in the wizard, but doesn't populate all of the fields for the third. Text End If 'This one doesn't work at all, and is on the third step If (dtr Reader("OPENEDBY_EMPLOYEE_ID")) Is System. Text = dtr Reader("OPENEDBY_EMPLOYEE_ID") Add Problem Ticket Created By. Text End If I would also like to point out that other controls on the third step are working (checkboxes, and textboxes). Also, something else strage I noticed once I started doing this, the wizard no longer starts on the first step. Thanks, J'Tok double click on your dropdownlist and change the end text of the sub from .selectedindexchanged to .databound then write your code that sets the selected value to the cell value from the database. if you are doing it on page load, call a dropdownlist X.databind() to make this code function on load. Here: If (dtr Reader("OPENEDBY_EMPLOYEE_ID")) Is System. Setting a static length in this scenario uses much less since I only allow for up to three characters, and storing the extra data for each field to have it reduce it for the few that are only 2 seemed a waste.

Expected: The displayed "selected" value should change from "hello" to "hola" Actual: The displayed value does not change, and it does not match any of the dropdown contents. This is affecting Chrome's new Settings page, https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail? value should change to "hola" is because that's the first (default) item, not because it corresponds to the position of the previously-selected value. While maintaining selection position might be helpful, in other cases it could induce users to commit data values they didn't expect.

That is, the desired behavior here should mirror what instance whose children change resets the selection: To me, it feels like a safer default behavior is to reset the selection when items change.

Redirect(url) End Sub If that example is correct you specified the event handler to be Drop Down List2_Selected Index Changed1 but your code is in Drop Down List2_Text Changed.

You should wrap whatever bindingcode that exists in Page_Load inside an if(!

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html,output Essentially, the underlying collection is changed programmatically.

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