Dragon age origins online profile not updating

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Dragon age origins online profile not updating

Many players reported issues with profile synchronization, especially since the announcement that Dragon Age Keep, the tool to recreate your world state for Dragon Age: Inquisition, will access these profiles. If you still have problems, please reply or make a new thread.Make sure to mention which steps described in this guide you have taken.The issue with Dragon Age 2 being registered first has been fixed, yes, but there are still a few people having trouble.The team is going to run a script either today or early next week to try to fix the few accounts left experiencing it. There was a problem getting to the diagnostics page for a bit after syncing was brought back up, but it's good to go. There is more info on that in the troubleshooting guide.It's possible the game didn't have enough time to upload. There are seperate player profiles for each platform.Also make sure you're not using two seperate accounts.Note: Syncing your profile is not necessary to get a valid world state for Dragon Age: Inquisition.Even if you sync your profile, you will need to manually recreate your world state using the Dragon Age Keep. I have followed all the steps to upload my profiles from my Steam copy of Dragon Age: Origins- Ultimate Edition.

The only thing that gets updated are the achievements I've acquired (I recently got two achievements from the DLC , so that's how I know).Currently, I still get a white screen when attempting to look at my profiles on the the old BSN, and no amount of refreshing seems to make the white screen go away.I realize that the guide says it may take a couple of hours up to a day for them to fully upload, so I will be patient, but I thought I'd let you know that I'm currently experiencing that issue.Welcome to the help dialog for the Custom Mini-Profile Creator plugin!Click on any of the tabs above to go through the plugin configuration process!

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I play through Origin and I have the Ultimate Edition, if that helps.