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Dating urii gatchina

Of particular interest are the belongings of politicians, statesmen, scientists and military leaders, among them the 19 At the beginning of the 1990's, the museum was renamed the Museum of Political History, and the displays were radically reworked to reveal much of the secret history of the Soviet Union, with a new ethos aimed at dispassionately telling the truth about even the most recent history.

The museum's collection embraces a broad time spectrum, from the reign of Catherine the Great (the second half of the 18 century) to the political climate in contemporary Russia.

The icon became known as the Our Lady of Vladimir Icon and would become Russia's most sacred relic.

The building which houses the museum itself played a significant role in history.

This attractive art nouveau mansion was originally built for Mathilda Kshesinskaya, the prima ballerina at the Mariinskiy before the Revolution, and Nicholas II's mistress before he became Emperor.

That manifesto named December 1 as official date of his reign start.

During that confusion a plot was hatched by the military to overthrow Nicholas and to usurp power.

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This date has now been officially adopted as the date of foundation of Vladimir.

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