Dating someone in a gang

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Along with unwanted pregnancies, other associated issues that stem from dating a gang member range from: domestic violence, gambling, violent behavior, and involvement with drugs and alcohol.BS DOESNT MEAN BULLSHIT BUT BROTHER SISTER SO LIKE YOUR RELATED.(I wrote this a long time ago, please forgive me for how bad it is.) Steve: Steve wasn't to fond of Ponyboy in the first place which made you nervous when you started to date him. When he first found out he was very mad and disgusted. You ran over to him but bumped into Steve before you could reach him.Yeah you hang out, but at the age of 15, my little brother was killed. Someone who cares California Whats it like being in a gang and what is life during those days?I have about 15 of my homeboys who are doing life in prison as well as me. Sandra Dear Sandra, Life in gangs has appeal for many people.According to a recent study by researchers at RTI International, teenage girls whose boyfriends are gang members are nearly twice as likely to have unwanted pregnancies as those not dating boys involved with gangs.

But its easy to forget that theres a price to be paid for the things you do. A moment of fun isnt worth a lifetime of pain, so if you want to have fun, do it with your family.Guys involved with gangs may appear to be fun and attractive, but the party never lasts.Often times dating a gang member can lead to gang membership, gang involvement, and abuse.When he first found out he was happy for you guys but got iffy each time he thought about it. dally wasn't to worried about it but of course he was very protective of you."Do you really like my sister or are you just playing her? Soda was actually a little hurt but reassured him he really did like you. When he first found out he saw you guys kissing which made him mad you didn't tell him.

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However, this is a generalized article on how to "Love a Gangster," with some tips that might help as you navigate the sometimes complicated relationship.

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  1. "You know, many years ago I remember doing that, and I know a lot of young people who even today do because they kind of consider more casual dates, group dates, to be ones where everybody pays their fair share, but I think you also have to be alert to the feelings of the person that you are dating," she added."If it's important to that person to either split in the beginning of the relationship, or for one or the other of you to pay for whatever combination of reasons, you know, you just have to evaluate that and take it into account," she added.