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Many men are intimidated by strong, successful women because males still think they need to be the head of the household.

A lot of men feel a sense of competition with women who are in the workforce, even if they’re in different fields, working in different offices, doing different job duties.

Some people opine that men are less attracted to a woman who is on an equal or higher level when it comes to matters of the pocketbook or education, and that a successful woman should dumb herself down to get a man.

My time in the world of dating and relationships, both personally (as a former serial dater) and professionally (as a columnist, host and now a dating coach), has taught me that these conclusions, for the most part, are fallacies, the aforementioned girl-power refrain a line women repeat when they don't want to tell each other or themselves to look inward or at their dating behaviors or their choices in men.

Here’s the thing: Success is an area of acute insecurity for a lot of us men.

Many of us feel like failures in our work, even when we’re doing well.

To be fair, I never had a conversation with a group of guys who said anything like, “I could never date her.

She’s just too smart, industrious and upwardly mobile.” Instead, we said things like, “She’s too intimidating” or “She’s too into her career” to explain our aversion. Most men are happy to be with a woman who is exceptionally beautiful, even if her beauty overshadows his attractiveness. But when it comes to a woman whose successes outpace those of the men around her, her prospects seem to shrink.

Men sought out women who had the biological qualifications such as wide hips and full breasts for bearing children, as well as women who would generally make good "housewives." It is easy to say the needs of successful men haven't changed and dismiss the matter, but that is not true.This can cause a rift in relationships, because relationships should be nurturing, and both partners should encourage each other in all aspects of life.So guys, instead of being intimidated by successful women, check out these reasons why dating a successful woman is important to your success.I live in Washington, DC, a city that is overrun with successful men and women.And when I was single, success was a surefire way to increase your attractiveness — unless you were a woman.

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