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The log crosses Four Mile Creek in the San Juan National Forest, downstream from (you guessed it) Four Mile Falls, which is our ultimate destination.

I'll give her this: The creek is moving fast, and the log is high enough off the ground to be intimidating.

Shake it up this Valentine’s Day a little and do something different.

Whether or not you have tried escape rooms before, we are 100% positive you will have a night you will never forget (and we are 90% sure that is a good thing). You don’t want to be caught up date creek without a paddle.

After being cooped up all winter, we have stretched our mental muscles and started building again.

And that is great for everyone because it means there is a new escape room coming in a few weeks.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the West Midlands CSP Study day on Monday 14th September.

you can book here: https:// Check Frontline page 40 for the password!

Ryan is carrying the babe so he opts to walk right through the creek, figuring wet feet are better than dumping his firstborn son into an ice-cold creek bed.Abstract: Mac Gyver, an 80’s era action adventure TV hero, was famously known for his creative and inventive use of common items to escape dangerous situations. Building trust in a new environment where the culture is unknown, and there are few available and familiar resources, can be a challenge.Jumping into a coaching role can be intimidating, overwhelming, and exciting.The old I-thought-it-would-be-romantic-to-cook-you-dinner-and-watch-a-movie-starring-john-cusack-trick only works once, and you’ve probably already used it up.It is true that 99% of those over the age of 18 will develop a chronic condition known as adultism.

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You may have already heard that we retired First Assignment to get ready for this new one. Oh you thought I would give away the name and theme that easy?

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