After updating ie cant view pages

Posted by / 14-Jul-2017 11:22

But now I've updated to the actual release of IE10, and the error's back. I can't access half my own sites, nor can I log in on Stack Exchange sites! Does anyone know what could cause this error and how to fix it?

I "fixed" the problem simply by turning off Protected Mode.

I have tried down loading the update to my downloads but I don't know how to get it installed into the AVG, it says that it is a bin file, whatever that is . I went to IE then clicked on tools, then the 'Internet options' box, then clicked on the 'Advanced' box then clicked on 'restore advanced settings' and then clicked on 'reset' and lo and behold, I now can get IE 8 so thanks for this answer. Even when I down load new files using my Google Chrome, this files can't be executed through the run features. After that, try to open Worked for me and it's really weird! rogue malware that says it is anti virus software and reports a virus on your computer and when you launch internet explorer you can only go to their website.I have installed IE 9 and reverted back to IE 8 at least 4 times - as I cannot open https:// sites such as I am running 64 Bit Win 7 Professional on HP dv5-1125nr 64bit AMD machine that has 6GB of RAM and a partioned HD with lots of room.I remember ever since my IE or Firefox never worked. I never related this to the Updates as they were MS recommended. I recently read an article that said that system updates can misconfigure the browser settings. Note: I have already tried all workarounds of Reset IE, Safe-Mode with Networking, 4 different browsers, even re-installation of IE/Firefox, etc ... And I, in fact, do remember that the update was run minutes before the browsers stopped responding. I do not have any firewall setup, and also every other application, that connects to other ports work like a charm. Note: Other applications like Veoh TV player, etc that connect to google, yahoo search engines also fail. I was going to switch to older stable OS when my Spring Semester ends, but this issue is giving me a lot of problems close to my exams. -DVA Did you deinstall Norton with norton removal tool? Try uninstalling antivirus SW and then reset winsock - Click on Start button. Press Ctrl-Shift-Enter keyboard shortcut to run command prompt as administrator. (i) I had deinstalled Norton AW a long time ago after I ran out of subscription. They appeared to work initially as the browser would just just wait on load for a minute.

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If you have any add-ons try running IE9 with add-ons disabled.